+ scanned bodies


Berlin-based Mashallah Design  & Linda Kostowski
have created items of clothing by scanning human bodies and using the
data to create sewing patterns. The human form is turned into 3D
patterns of polygons, which are then turned into 2D files and used to
laser cut fabric.

the full story:

Three people are portrayed digitally by scanning their bodies. The
output of this scan is a 3d file, which resolution is defiend by the
amount of polygons, similiar to pixels in a bitmap grafic. Linked with
their biographical memories a digital twin of the body is thus created,
which expands and personifies the garment in a formal-poetic way. The
3d data is turned into 2d sewing patterns by the use of the unfolding
function which is a common tool in industrial design process to make
paper models with, the single fabric pieces and the inner interface
which defines the edges are cut out by the help of a lasercutter.
Making a clothes pattern in this way changes the aestethics of the
garment fundamentally , because in contrary to ordinary
patternconstruction methods unfolding does not matter about
orientations like center front or the shape of a armhole, which frees
the designers imagination in a way that feels fresh and liberate.
As fabric we used sweatshirt jersey as a reference to the common
clichee that berlin is the city which fashionable output lies in making
and painting on t-shirts.

thanks yatzer


About byAMT

Alissia Melka-Teichroew, founder and creative director of byAMT Inc is a New World-Old World mash-up. The daughter of a French mother and American father, she was born and raised in The Netherlands. A Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, she also holds a Masters of Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), USA. After stints in Paris, San Francisco, and Boston, she now lives and works in New York City. While developing her own original projects, she also served a design residency at the renowned design consultancy IDEO and also worked on staff at Puma International. Alissia’s transcontinental background is reflected in her fluidity and fluency of her designs. Attuned to the latest design innovations, trends, and materials, she infuses her work with her own unique, charismatic personality and mischievous sensibility. Her products are savvy, sophisticated, and witty: the archetypical Acrylic Diamond Ring rendered in candy-colored acrylic, as well as Silver Diamond Ring, ceramic plates folded in easy-to-hold shapes, Handful of Plates, a mirror that transposes the viewers face over an iconic image of feminine beauty (ME-ror). This uncanny ability to tweak expectations has delighted design cognoscenti and consumers alike. Her products have been carried or manufactured worldwide by brands like Victoria & Albert Museum, Kikkerland, MoMa Store, Van Esch, Wabnitz Editions, Goods and more. Over the years she has consulted fro companies like: Adidas, TRESPA, Functionals; as well as focussed on curating and co-curating and designing several successful Design exhibits, including: Bits ‘n Pieces at Material Connexion (NY) and 400 Years Later, Cite Goes Dutch at Cite (NY). In the last decade, Alissia has exhibited work at the Salone del Mobile Milano, ICFF in New York, 100% Design Tokyo, Material Connexion New York and Victoria & Albert Museum in London among others. In 2010 Alissia Melka-Teichroew started teaching as a visiting professor at Pratt Institute in New York. After several lectures at schools around the USA over the last years as well as being invited as a guest lecturer and critic at schools like Rhode Island School of Design, Chicago Art Institute, Philadelphia University of the Arts and California College of Arts among others.


  1. I love the wolf looking at me. Nice work.

  2. Amaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!
    I’d ove to invite you to exhibit your work here in the NYC area!

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